Main Stage

Heavy Baile at Bananada Festival

55 minsRecorded 12 May 2018 at Goiânia in BrasilNext Main Stage Tue at 2:00am EST
Mídia Ninja

Mixing electronic sounds with funk and traditional rhythms for an infectious Brazilian dance party.

For the last five years, the Rio de Janeiro-based Heavy Baile crew have thrown parties and spread a new fusion of funk and electronic music throughout Brazil. The result is a progressive movement of musical and cultural empowerment from the periphery, led by Leo Justi and accompanied by MC Tchelinh and DJ Thai, plus a dance team formed by Sabrina Ginga, Ronald Sheick and Neguebites. It’s all about broadcasting new approaches to a wider audience, exploring aesthetics previously associated with and restricted to urban suburbs and ghettos.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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