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Horse Lords at Big Ears Festival

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62 minsFirst aired 12 Apr 2017
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William (Billy) Johnson

Baltimore’s polyrhythmic rock quartet bring their skronky noise and twisting riffs to Tennessee’s Big Ears festival 2017.

A four-piece band hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Horse Lords dangle their ideas about 21st century rock music over the edge of a sharp cliff with relish. Using the just intonation timing system – the same system that giant of American minimalism LaMonte Young used in his downtown Manhattan avant-garde parties to create his signature atonal drone – Horse Lords use their modified instruments to deftly mess with convention, twisting electronic polyrhythms and modular synth sketches into their guitar, bass, saxophone and drum playing. Over the course of their three albums – 2012’s Horse Lords, 2014’s Hidden Cities and 2016’s Interventions – the group have developed a focused, hypnotic style of live jamming that has garnered them a reputation for formidable live performances.

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