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Hot Natured

120 minsRecorded 1 May 2012 at Movement in DetroitNext Main Stage Today at 5:15pm EST

The Hot Natured phenomenon aka Jamie Jones and Lee Foss live at Detroit’s Movement 2012. Hotter than July.

Jamie Jones and Lee Foss are Hot Natured – and as such one of the fiercest phenomena in dance music recently. Producers, remixers, the heads behind the Hot Creations label and DJ semi-gods, Jones (who has to board more flights than a pilot) and Foss are the cream of the crop when it comes to a certain modernised form of house music that also makes them jell with Wolf + Lamb, Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels empire and basically everyone who likes a sing-a-long. Melding heavy bass lines with light pop melodies, r&b vocals and a right touch for dramatic tension and release moments, it’s pretty hard to spend some time on a dancefloor near a swimming pool or on a terrace without hearing something they’ve been involved in or an inspiration to. With Jones hailing from London and Foss born and raised in Chicago, but commuting between London and Los Angeles, Hot Natured are on their way to become a dynamic dance music duo in the best possible sense. Hotter than July.

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