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Jan Schulte at Villette Sonique

87 minsFirst aired 30 Jun 2016This episode is unavailable. Why?
Jacob Khrist

Düsseldorf’s master of bumpin’ disco with a cosmic twist throws down for the Paris dancers. Recorded at Versatile’s 20th birthday party.

Although he was born Jan Schulte, this Düsseldorf artist goes by a variety of names. A resident DJ at Salon des Amateurs, Schulte’s eclectic style is his calling card, as he somehow combines breaks, new age, oddball funk, ethnic field recordings and more into a uniquely arresting musical brew. Working as Wolf Müller, he’s been responsible for some left-of-center cosmic creations on his own Themes for Great Cities label, along with releases for imprints like Huntleys + Palmers and International Feel, which issued his collaborative The Sound of Glades album in 2016. Schulte’s more directly dancefloor material often surfaces under the name Bufiman, and he’s also one half of the shamanistic Montezumas Rache project.

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