Main Stage

Jann Tomaro and Mikael Tobias at MUTEK

36 minsRecorded 26 Aug 2018 at Montreal in Canada
Bruno Des Tombes

The Montréal-based mental health practitioner and Copenhagen-based musician, composer, producer and sound artist perform together.

Mikael Tobias and Jann Tomaro are the founders of practice, a serial work that consists of group meditations guided by the psychoacoustic properties of sound. Mikael Tobias is a Canadian musician, composer, producer and sound artist, currently based in Copenhagen, DK. His work explores the intersection of ambient and industrial music, blending organic instrumentation, digital manipulation and deconstructed elemental sound. Jann Tomaro is doctoral student in counselling psychology, interested in community-based practices of wellbeing. In this set, Tobias and Tomaro use layered sounds and voice to gently coax the audience to dial open their receptivity to an afternoon of rich listening


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Roland Dill

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