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Lena Willikens at Nachtiville

109 minsRecorded 1 Nov 2015 at Nachtiville in De EemhofThis episode is unavailable. Why?
Courtesy of Lena Willikens

The Cómeme collaborator and Salon des Amateurs resident takes a detour through dark disco and eccentric arpeggios. Recorded at Nachtiville.

With more than five years playing as the Friday resident at Düsseldorf’s free-spirited nightspot Salon Des Amateurs, Lena Willikens has fine-tuned her own approach of DJing to a twisted one-of-a-kind style, that has inspired everyone from I:Cube to Matias Aguayo. As a dedicated member of the Cómeme records tribe, her name is frequently on the label’s line-ups and she runs the globally infamous, monthly radio show Sentimental Flashback for Radio Cómeme, which was elected best podcast/mix of 2014 by Juno. As a producer she arranged the very special ghost wave track “High Holes”, that was released by Düsseldorf-based label Slowboy Records via the vinyl-only sampler Kingii in 2012. In early 2015 she released her first solo EP Phantom Delia on Cómeme. Making the transition to international DJ and producer, Phantom Delia might sound like it conjures the spirit of the late Radiophonic heroine, but it also does much more: crafting eerie haunted grooves for a unique dancefloor.

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