Main Stage

Masayoshi Fujita at Jetztmusik Festival

48 minsRecorded 24 Apr 2018 at Mannheimer Versicherung in Germany
Patricia Haas

The Japanese vibraphonist offers refuge from the noise of the outside world with his meditative instrumental experimentations.

Berlin-based Masayoshi Fujita first learned to play drums before receiving extensive training in vibraphone and composition. In recent years the composer has gained recognition through his collaboration with German electronic musician Jan Jelinek, which culminated in the joint album Schaum on Jelinek’s label Faitiche. Fujita also released an improvisational session with techno producer Guy Andrews on Erased Tapes, another iconic label for experimental electronic sounds. In this session, Fujita performs an intimate and meditative set, taking breaks between songs to speak with the crowd and read poetry.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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