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Matias Aguayo at Magnetic Fields

125 mins|Recorded 11 Dec 2016PlayNow playing on the Magnetic Fields Channel

The Chilean-German powerhouse steps up with his very own take on all things dance and electronic. Recorded live in Rajasthan.

Born 1973 in Santiago de Chile, Matias Aguayo spent the whole of the 90s in Cologne, contributing to the city’s thriving electronic music scene as a club kid and a DJ at various clubs, the legendary Liquid Sky among them. He also organised his own nights and hooked up with local key players Michael Mayer and Dirk Leyers to form the production outfits Zimt and Closer Musik, respectively. Touring from disco to disco to perform his live sets, eventually took him to Buenos Aires where he ended up staying for some time to organise temporary free club spaces like Juventud Clandestina or Hoy Club – and he never really left. He now lives between Buenos Aires and Berlin, where he keeps himself busy DJ-ing, producing and playing concerts, solo as well as with Marcus Rossknecht as BROKE!. What really sets him apart from his peers though (besides his exceptional feel for percussive, raw yet upbeat body music, that is), is bumbumbox: a series of free, intimate open air raves that he sets up in the streets of Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Asunción, São Paulo, Medellín, Santiago de Chile, and many other South and Central American metropolises. At bumbumbox, Matias lives his own post-minimal dance music utopia: a place where everybody is welcome, and you’ll find him chanting and playing various instruments with his friends to the futuristic house music tracks of his Cómeme clique, and mixing them up with everything from dark disco gems to cumbia-fuelled techno scorchers. You can get a glimpse of his talent and distinct production style on his various releases on Cómeme, Kompakt and Soul Jazz.


Photo by Neville Sukhia

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