Main Stage

Rimas & Melodias at Bananada Festival

50 minsRecorded 13 May 2018 at Goiânia in BrasilThis episode is unavailable. Why?
Mídia Ninja

Switching from gritty trap-flavored beats to fruity uptempo house, the all-female crew throws down bars upon bars.

Rimas & Melodias is a rap and R&B collective featuring the singers and songwriters Alt Niss, Drik Barbosa, Karol de Souza, Stefanie, Tássia Reis and Tatiana Bispo, plus DJ Mayra Maldjian. Based in São Paulo, Brazil, the group made waves in 2016, when it issued a ten-song video session that included a cypher, collaborations and solo tracks. Last year the crew released a debut album, Origens, featuring seven superb tracks that showcase each member’s significant abilities.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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