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Unknown Mortal Orchestra

34 minsRecorded 1 Sep 2012 at Pygmalion Music Festival in Urbana-ChampaignNext Main Stage Today at 4:00pm EDT

Unknown Mortal Orchestra use their psychedelic powers of groove on the Pygmalion Music Festival 2012. Jello and Juggernauts abound.

New Zealand-born, Portland-based songwriter and guitarist Ruban Nielson marries spry, nervy psychedelia with sharp soul touchstones with his Unknown Mortal Orchestra. His deft hand at touching up pop hooks with just enough roughness has caught the ears of folks from El-P to the Liars. It might help that the Orchestra’s tracks are grounded by downright dirty grooves – think someone dreaming up an alternate universe where the Star Club was in Detroit, MI and Lawrence T. Horn took the place of George Martin. And Love moving into the building next door. And Syd Barrett manning the kitchen. Visions of alternate universes get shaky at this point, so suffice to say that from a start using samples, the full Orchestra now also features bassist Jacob Portrait and drummer Greg Rogrove, is signed to Jagjaguwar after a sting at Fat Possum and is not currently looking for more labels with animal themed names.

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