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HouseBass Music
55 minsRecorded 1 Apr 2013 at SonarSound in TokyoNext Main Stage Tomorrow at 3:00am EDT

An ear for an anthem and all things house, garage and bass music: Manchester’s xxxy live in the mix at SonarSound Tokyo.

xxxy aka Rupert Taylor has been quietly gaining a reputation on the UK underground circuit, with milestone cuts of swelled bass and crisp house vocals on labels such as Infrasonics, Fortified, and Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen. As well as being featured on the seminal Fabric compilation Elevator Music, his mix of deep house and modern bass stylings also goes some way towards shaping the sounds of London’s most notable pirate-done-good Rinse FM with his mixes and his 12” Got Me So. Glad to given up his day job as a social worker in pursuit of beat making and world touring, xxxy is one hard player, and his heavy sub bass numbers show he has an ear for an club anthem.

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