Team Salut

120 minsFirst aired 5 Dec 2018
Courtesy of Mixpak

Mista Wood, GKP and Sidechain Manny join the Brooklyn dancehall dons in the studio to discuss their indelible mark on afrowave in 2018.

2018 was a colossal year for afrowave, the rising UK-centric genre that fuses afrobeat, dancehall,and hip-hop. One of its biggest hits was Afro B’s “Drogba (Joanna),” an anthem that picked up considerable momentum thanks to an accompanying viral dance challenge. The infectious instrumental, sampled and freestyled over dozens of times, was the work of production trio Team Salut, consisting of Mista Wood, GKP and Sidechain Manny. The three self-taught producers are fundamental to the development of the afrowave sound, interweaving a number of West African dance rhythms into the contemporary fabric of club music in the UK. On this month’s episode, they sit down with Mixpak to review their momentous year and drop hints about what’s next.


Produced by Gabriel Herrera
Engineered by Samuel Reinhard

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