Mystery Language with EMA

City Slang’s Christof Ellinghaus and Krista Schmidt

120 minsFirst aired 10 Dec 2018
Courtesy of EMA

The indie, leftfield label’s founder and manager join EMA to share road stories, reminisce about ’80s mall punks and more.

On her last episode of Mystery Language, EMA turns the mic on her longtime label, City Slang,which was founded in Berlin in 1990. Her guests are label founder Christof Ellinghaus – previously a booking agent and tour manager for bands like Yo La Tengo, the Flaming Lips, Mudhoney, Nirvana and the Lemonheads – and Krista Schmidt, the person who signed EMA and worked at the legendary Chicago label Touch and Go before moving to Berlin. They discuss the role of independent labels, ’80s mall punks, Germany before the wall came down and ponder the question: Could it have been any other song than “Smells Like Teen Spirit” that changed the music world forever?


Produced by Harley Brown
Engineered by Ryan Woodhall

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