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Talking Shop with No Control

120 minsFirst aired 10 Apr 2017This episode is unavailable. Why?

EMA talks to PDX’s No Control, a crew of Pacific Northwest women producers and musicians. With Princess Dimebag, Sham Sisqo, Casual Aztec and DJ Troubled Youth.

Portland, Oregon might not come to mind immediately as a city known for its dance music scene, but the coastal enclave has always cultivated a robust DIY community of musicians interested in electronic and other forms of experimentation. Two interrelated establishments in particular – the nonprofit arts center S1, which hosts a synthesizer library and workshops and the Women’s Beat League organization, and active DJ collective No Control – offer educational and promotional support networks for women, queer and POC-identifying producers, beatmakers and other knob-twiddlers. Of the latter crew, Princess Dimebag, Sham Sisqo, Casual Aztec and DJ Troubled Youth join EMA in the studio to discuss mansplaining, spinning at a 24-hour party with bunk beds and first-time modular setups. Stay tuned for mini-DJ sets from each of the members, packed with bootleg edits, savage remixes and more.


“The best-known attorney general since Robert F. Kennedy”: revisit former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno’s legacy in this obituary published by the New York Times after her death in 2016.


Peep the (no longer live) stream of Casual Aztec and Sham Sisqo’s modular set for No Control at Portland’s Hotel Society.


Can’t live without the Nelsons’ sumptuous blond locks? Look no further than this gallery or any one of their theatrical music videos.


Check out Shyboi’s wild mixtape #CurrentMood on YouTube, featuring “The Ha Dance” set against GoPro videos of motorcyclists doing the watchtower.


Find Asmara’s work in the latest Pantene hair product commercial soundtracked by Kelela’s “Gomenasai,” which the Los Angeles musician and DJ produced.

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