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Afro-Peruvian Ritmos with Tito Cabellos and Deltatron

120 minsFirst aired 12 Jul 2017This episode is unavailable. Why?
Marti Guerrero

Lao previews a new film tracing Afro-Peruvian beats from folk standards to club tracks with director Tito Cabellos and RBMA alum Deltatron.

While traveling through Peru recently to play the picturesque Festival Selvamonos, Lao was introduced to the country’s vibrant Afro-Peruvian musical history, from the traditional dance form festejo to its modern electronic interpretations. The intersection of these ancient and cutting-edge sounds is explored in two forthcoming projects, both explored on this month’s episode: In a few weeks, RBMA will release filmmaker Tito Cabellos’ documentary about Carnaval Negro, the largest black cultural event in the country, featuring electro-futurists Dengue Dengue Dengue and Cómeme boss Matias Aguayo. Tropical bass voyager Paz Ferrand AKA Deltatron’s Terror Negro imprint is also slated to drop a compilation of Peruvian Afrobeats, featuring the dubstep mutations of “Lundu Lando” and Dave Nada’s post-moombahton productions. Stick around for his wild guest mix in the second hour, veering from a cumbia rendition of Future’s “Mask Off” to dubstep wizard Skream and beyond.


Produced by Harley Brown
Engineered by Denis Hürter

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