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Variación de Voltaje with Carlos Prieto

120 minsFirst aired 10 May 2017This episode is unavailable. Why?

A scholar of Mexican electronic and avant-garde music delves into his Variación de Voltaje project, and the country’s sound art history, with Lao, Mexican Jihad and Fausto Bahía.

Music researcher, editor and curator Carlos Prieto has been documenting Mexican electronic music, electroacoustics and sound art for nearly two decades. Originally a student of philosophy trained as a music journalist, the Mexico City native began his career with a Chemical Brothers album review before digging deeper into his country’s local producers and musicians experimenting with analog machines and avant-garde sounds. This month on NAAFI Customs, the former MUTEK Festival programmer and recent presenter at Berlin’s CTM Festival lays out his Variación de Voltaje book project (a series of in-depth conversations with Mexican practitioners of machine-made sonics), analyzes theories and narratives in electronic music and delivers a heady mix of IDM, ambient and the farther-out ends of the spectrum.


Read a bit more about Carlos Prieto Acevedo’s recent CTM exhibit, which contextualizes historically the aesthetics of Mexican experimental and electro-acoustic sounds, here.


Watch a teaser for Prieto’s Variación de Voltaje on the project’s crowdfunding page, which breaks it down by numbers: three volumes, 25 interviews and 500 glossary terms!


Mario de Vega has quite a few creative outlets. Explore some of his New York City-based exhibits here, and take a trip down the rabbitholes of his other mysterious websites while you’re at it.


If you speak Spanish, check out this short interview with industrial mavericks Interface‘s Roxana Flores, who explains why the duo (with her partner, Samir Menaceri) decided to call it quits.


Here are the artists Prieto mentions, if you’d like to do some more research on them yourself: electronic soundscaper Murcof, composers Hector Quintanar and Javier Alvarez, and members of the pioneering Nortec Collective Bostich and Pepe Mogt.

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