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Artist Visa with Zufu, Catnapp and Hexorcismos

120 minsFirst aired 13 Sep 2017This episode is unavailable. Why?
Marti Guerrero

In Berlin, Lao unpacks visa complications with genre dismantler Zufu, tribal industrialist Hexorcismos and far-out beat queen Catnapp.

Are visas necessary for artists to continue to grow and develop? That’s one of the questions NAAFI’s Lao asks to help illuminate why artist visas are so important – and complicated – for producers and musicians trying to perform in or move to a different country. To discuss this issue he welcomes Zufu (AKA Felipe) of nueva cumbia heroes Dengue Dengue Dengue, RBMA Bass Camp Santiago grad Catnapp and Tijuana-born sound manipulator Hexorcismos. Each of them discusses journeying from their Latin American countries of origin to Germany, where they have all chosen to reside for a variety of rationales – one of the most impactful reasons to move to Berlin is how easy it is to collaborate with other transplants. The artists contextualize their experiences with some of their own tracks, made pre- and post-relocation, and present searing mini-mixes on the cutting edge of club sonics.


Produced by Harley Brown
Engineered by Conor Anderson

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