Nick Speed presents Speed of Sound

D-Cyphered with Seven the General

60 minsFirst aired 24 May 2019
Courtesy of Seven the General

The versatile producer, MC and DJ takes over the airwaves to travel through the captivating universe of Detroit hip-hop.

In 2016, a photograph of Detroit hip-hop lifers Nick Speed and Seven the General entered the collection of the Detroit Institute of Art. It was featured as part of an exhibition called “D-Cyphered,” which told the story of Detroit hip-hop through 75 photographs of the city’s one-of-a-kind scene. This episode of Speed of Sound, recorded live from our radio studio in Detroit, represents a reunion of that exquisite photograph and an unspooling of the timeline put forth in the exhibition, with plenty of their spin, sounds and humor thrown into the mix.


Produced and Engineered by Conor Anderson

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