Nick Speed presents Speed of Sound

Ghettotech Tuesday with Sheefy McFly and Good Money

60 minsFirst aired 21 May 2019
Ghani Vision Photography & Jenny Risher

The versatile hip-hop producer is joined by two key figures in the fast-paced, in-your-face genre that could only be from Detroit.

Ghettotech combines high-tempo techno and raunchy wordplay. It’s the soundtrack to the Motor City footwork style known as jitting, and it’s unquestionably Detroit. On this episode, Speed takes a deep dive into the sounds and history of the genre with ghettotech disciples Good Money and Sheefy McFly — Good Money is the vocalist behind many bangers from ghettotech pioneer DJ Godfather, and Sheefy McFly is a Detroit MC, painter and producer whose recently released EP, “Jittin’ Aint’ Dead”, carries forward the Motor City tradition.


Produced by Conor Anderson
Engineered by Veniece Session

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