Nouvelle Ambiance with Hugo Mendez

New York Haitian

121 minsFirst aired 12 Apr 2019
Photo by Alfonso Lomba

Hugo Mendez examines the trajectories between New York and Port-au-Prince, and finds music by Chanel 10 and Tabou Combo.

This month we celebrate the musical flow between Haiti and New York, from Queens to Port-au-Prince. New York, along with Montreal, Miami and Paris, has long been a center for Haitian culture and music. Many musicians producers and promoters either toured or settled in New York or New Jersey, bringing with them the sound of classic Haitian compa and blending it with the sounds and rhythms of New York, from disco to salsa, reggae to hip-hop and psychedelic rock. The Haitian ex-pat community became one of the biggest markets for bands like Tabou Combo, Jet X and a host of others. Over the next two hours we’ll be celebrating everything from mini-jazz kompa, touring troubadour stars like Toto Jerome, and local music stars forging their own paths.

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