On the Floor

Afrodeutsche at Blitz

49 minsRecorded 30 Nov 2018 at Blitz in Munich
Felipe Pagani

The rising producer from Manchester performs her Drexciyan electro and classic rave sounds live at the Munich club.

Hailing from Manchester, Afrodeutsche is a British-born, Ghanaian/Russian/German composer whose moniker is inspired by Underground Resistance’s “Afrogermanic.” As such, her sound is grounded in the legendary collective’s fierce techno and Drexciya’s razor-sharp electro, adding her own sound design chops to push the style into the future. Last year she released her debut album, Break Before Make, on Skam Records; she’s also a mainstay on NTS Manchester. In this session, she performs live at Blitz, stitching together slow, atmospheric buildups with classic house keys and ravey pads.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Max Schweder

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