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Anastasia Kristensen at Culture Box

121 minsRecorded 27 Oct 2017 at Culture Box in Copenhagen, DenmarkNext On the Floor Yesterday at 10:15pm EST
Anastasia Kristensen

The Russian-born and Denmark-based DJ making global waves presents her blistering mix of electro, breaks and technosoul.

Anastasia Kristensen is an uncompromising force of nature that shifts sounds and tempos at a moment’s notice, providing a whirlwind of emboldened intensity that can be felt through her productions and DJ sets. The Copenhagen-via-Moscow producer has been at it for a while; her track “Spring Ballade” was released on Nous Disques in 2016, and she’s worked with BLD and Monasterio. She weaves a web that incorporates barreling breaks, blistering techno and buoyant electro, leaving listeners wondering which strand she’ll weave with each passing track she plays.

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