On the Floor

Anna Vs June at Red Bull Music Festival Berlin

40 minsRecorded 10 Sep 2018 at Berlin in Germany
Ériver Hijano

The Athens-based composer and RBMA 2018 participant bridges the gap between traditional folk music and electronic experimentation.

Anna Papaioannou has a knack for building bridges. Musically, she combines Greek folk and techno music with both digital and analog tools. She has extensive musical knowledge, having studied composition in Edinburgh and piano at a conservatory in Athens, and her professional background is in music and sound design for theater and film. As Anna Vs June, Papaioannou’s experimental instrumentation and soft yet steady vocals provide a sonic journey into the extreme boundaries of pop. In this session, she performs at the ambient and electronic music showcase featuring this year’s Red Bull Music Academy participants in Berlin.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Olivia Oyama

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