On the Floor

Aresibo at Artishok

54 minsRecorded 26 Aug 2017 at Artishok in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Courtesy of Aresibo

Kazakhstan’s RBMA alumnus and disco deviant takes us on a psychedelic eastern trip.

Arenov hails from Kazakhstan’s former capital Almaty and makes music with a distinctly Central Asian twist. Imagine Lindstrøm-style space disco wafting through a bazaar from some chewed-up boombox. He’s a lover of classic psychedelic and progressive rock, which you can hear in his winding compositions, and he’s a big softie, too, so they pack an emotional punch. Just slightly lo-fi without obscuring his own brilliance, Arenov’s songs sound like the kind of long-lost records from the ’80s that DJ Harvey might dig up and throw in a set. Almaty might not have the biggest electronic music scene, but we know that Arenov is definitely one of its best and brightest.

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