On the Floor

Ariel Zetina at Red Bull Music Presents: Swetboxx

48 minsRecorded 5 Oct 2018 in Miami
Tyke Riggs

Death drops guaranteed: The Smartbar resident and Discwoman signee fires up a vigorous club mix.

Ariel Zetina is a Chicago-based DJ and producer whose highly charged techno and house at adventurous speeds has been released by labels like Sweat Equity, Boukan Records and CLUB CHAI. The Smartbar resident has made a name for herself beyond the Chicago club scene through her cross-genre club selections that adapt and reflect the mood of each event she performs at. Her upcoming EP for Majía explores themes such as the body, distance from the ocean, acid house and her roots in Belize. In this session, Zetina once again proves her diverse range as a DJ, throwing down banging club remixes of pop and R&B, and even a cut from the musical Rent.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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