On the Floor

Beverly Glenn-Copeland at Le Guess Who?

46 minsRecorded 9 Nov 2018 at Le Guess Who in Utrecht, Netherlands
Tim van Veen

The classically trained vocalist and visionary producer presents his debut live show in the Netherlands with his Indigo Rising ensemble.

Philadelphia-born, Canada-based, Beverly Glenn-Copland is a vocalist and producer who worked for many years in children’s television, notably composing music for Sesame Street, but when his 1984 electronic album Keyboard Fantasies was reissued in 2016 by Invisible City Editions, its visionary combination of what the label terms “digital new-age and early Detroit techno experiments” resonated with the ears of a new generation. At Le Guess Who?, Glenn-Copeland performs with his five-piece ensemble Indigo Rising as part of his first-ever European tour, breathing new life into his past works.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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