On the Floor

Blu Bone, KC Ortiz and Kidd Kenn at Red Bull Music Festival Chicago

69 minsRecorded 23 Nov 2018 in Chicago
Matt Scheffer

The trio of Windy City artists, rappers and beatmakers bring their a game at the Futurehood & Friends showcase.

Recorded at the showcase celebrating the LGBTQ-centric label Futurehood, this episode features individual performances by Blu Bone, KC Ortiz and Kidd Kenn. Blu Bone was born in North Minneapolis, “where the rain is purple” — following a move to Chicago to study film, he connected with the Teklife crew and released his INTO NEBULA EP last year. Blu Bone raps and sings about everything from sex work to heartbreak, using classic house as a backdrop. Meanwhile, fellow Chicago-based artist KC Ortiz is a rapper who contrasts her DIY approach to songwriting and producing with the aesthetics of southern luxury. And teen rapper Kidd Kenn is coming quickly for the rap crown, with his 2018 debut album Childish, while ardently waving his rainbow flag.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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