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BMG at No Way Back

49 minsFirst aired 24 Sep 2016Next On the Floor Today at 7:00pm EDT

The Interdimensional Transmissions boss and Detroit music activist fires up the decks for the deepest of electronic dancefloor excursions.

Detroit stands proud as the home of Brendan M. Gillen, better known as BMG – the man in charge of the Interdimensional Transmissions label and Ectomorph, two dynamic, long-standing Michigan institutions. Little is known about Gillen’s private life. Upholding the Motor City tradition of obfuscation, he seems to keep all things that are not directly linked to his music shrouded in mystery. But who cares if we don’t know what toppings he prefers on his pizza? What we do know is that this man is responsible for the resurgence of electro. His label was behind the release of I-f’s “Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass” – a huge hit with influential DJs, and regarded as the tune that put electro back on everyone’s playlist. Aside from maintaining Interdimensional Transmissions as one of electro’s most vital catalogues, BMG also operates the No Way Back parties, situated in legendary or hidden buildings in Detroit and New York City, such as Detroit’s Bohemian National Home, which serve as a tribute to those foundational, life-changing clubs of yore that gave you no choice but to delve deeper into their world.

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