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Boogie Blind at Big Crown Records Pop-up Fair

90 minsFirst aired 19 Aug 2017Next On the Floor Today at 7:00pm EDT
Photo Rob

The Harlem turntable wizard and X-Ecutioners member takes over Big Crown Records’ pop-up, playing radical rap, funk, and soul with flair.

As part of the New York DJ turntabilist crew The X-Ecutioners, DJ Boogie Blind has gone done in the city’s musical history as hip-hop and rap DJ with incredible technical skill – beat juggling being a central part of their sound and performances - and a deep knowledge of the genre’s stylings. The group formed in 1989 and were one of the first DJ crews to get a recording contract and release a full-length album based on the art of turntabilism. They paved the way for countless DJs and pioneering the production process of making new beats purely from manipulation by hand (as opposed to using a sample and sequencer) - a forward-thinking style of scratching that worked with the hip-hop triptych of mixing, cutting and beat-juggling. The X-Ecutioners also collaborated across genres, such as with Mike Shinoda of platinum-selling nu metal band Linkin Park, merging rap and metal.

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