On the Floor

Casey MQ and TiKA at Red Bull Music Festival Montréal

59 minsRecorded 25 Sep 2018 in MontrealLisez le en Français
Maria Jose Govea

The multi-instrumentalist and the singer, frequent collaborators, present at at the showcase celebrating next-gen R&B artists.

Casey MQ is a producer who draws from diverse electronic styles like dancehall, techno and industrial pop. He has collaborated with rising French artist OKlou, and with TiKA, a Canadian singer whose empowering lyrics and infectious beats mark a new era of R&B. An outspoken advocate of self-love and personal autonomy, TiKA’s EP Carry On doesn’t shy away from addressing personal themes such as depression and trauma. Her most recent track, Get Up (produced by Cxleb and co-produced by Casey MQ) was inspired by the loss of her grandfather and encourages Black people to “Get Up” despite facing hardship. In this session, TiKA and Casey MQ perform in Montréal at the showcase celebrating Canada’s next generation of R&B songwriters and producers. In the second half of the episode, Casey MQ performs solo.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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