On the Floor

Chairman Mao at Big Crown Records Pop-up Fair

32 minsFirst aired 19 Aug 2017
Courtesy of Chairman Mao

RBMA’s resident rap encyclopedia takes us through classic Jamaican dub and dreamy US soul at Brooklyn’s Big Crown Records pop-up.

In the same way that Chairman Mao had the power of an army at his fingertips, so too does ’Chairman’ Jeff Mao, harnessing the ability to make hoards of funkateers stomp ’til their feet ache with the timing of a well-chosen 12”. The pen proves mightier than the sword, too, with Jeff penning regular columns for XXL and other publications, as well as co-authoring two books and the TV series The (White) Rapper Show with his creative collective Ego Trip. Dropping parties for tastemakers, spangled clowns and music lovers alike, Jeff has been at the epicentre of the underground hip-hop scene across America for years, as well as opening people’s ears to the joy of the cover with his selection of rare versions of classic songs on his Run For Cover mix.

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