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Charlemagne Palestine at ISSUE Project Room

42 minsRecorded at ISSUE Project Room in NYCNext On the Floor Today at 3:00pm EST

Marathon listening for spatial awareness: drone shaman Charlemagne Palestine opens the highways of the mind. Recorded live at ISSUE Project Room.

As a contemporary of Philip Glass, Terry Riley, and Steve Reich, Charlemagne Palestine first came to the wider public consciousness during the ’70s, composing and performing immersive drones and extended ritualistic forms. Playing the piano, organ and using his own voice, Palestine builds up shifting layers of overtones and timbres that are both powerful and unusual. He has released many records, perhaps the best known of which is Strumming Music, which captured him creating sustained clusters of detuning harmonics, coaxing strange new sounds out of the piano. Palestine’s performance is shot through with visual art and theatre, with stuffed toys and animals surrounding him and his colorful attire. All together, Palestine’s opens a window into another world, a strange dimension in stark relief to modern day music, while remaining strangely timeless.

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