On the Floor

Chimpo at Motion Bristol

56 minsRecorded in Bristol
KōLAB Studios

Manchester’s crossover bass master slams it out with the South London MC on the mic at The Blast’s legendary Halloween party.

In the business for over a decade, Manchester producer Chimpo’s set out to make the UK club scene bounce, first with a string of dupstep releases on Contagious Recordings and later on legendary drum & bass labels like Metalheadz and Critical Music. Most recently, he’s branched out into other genres, blurring the lines between grime, bass and dancehall on tracks like “Dead”, “Seize & Settle” and “Which One” with Killa’s Army. In this session, he fires up the crowd with the help of Killa’s Army on the mic.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Max Schweder

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