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David Rodigan vs. King Addies

Reggae / Dub
28 minsRecorded 1 May 2010 in TrinidadNext On The Floor Tomorrow at 8:15am EDT

David Rodigan vs. King Addies – a soundclash between two titanic protagonists of sound system culture.

This is the recording of a soundclash in Trinidad between two titanic protagonists of sound system culture. The real deal indeed, with David Rodigan, London, UK, in one corner and King Addies, Brooklyn, USA, in the other. King Addies were key players of the golden Biltmore era of sound clashes in New York City, becoming the leading sound of the scene and proving to systems around the world that it was possible to go massive without being based in Jamaica. In fact their clash with Jamaicans Killamanjaro is amongst the most legendary events in the history of dancehall culture. Adding to the fire is the fact that King Addies’ selector BabyFace has Trini roots. But competition was strong, as David Rodigan started DJing at school dances and youth clubs aged 15 – and in his fifties, he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Whether it’s collecting soundboy scalps on the clash circuit, juggling dubplates other selectors would sell their grandmas for, or edutaining entire generations of dancehall revellers worldwide with his legendary sets and speeches, the “Gentleman Rudeboy” is a true reggae rocker for life. When he obtained a resident slot on Capitol Radio in 1979, the fiyah was fully ignited: In the past 30 years, Rodigan has grown to become a true legend in the reggae world, a respected father figure for many an aspiring soundboy, and a dreaded dominator in countless dubplate battles. He has won clashes all over the world, compiled a compilation for BBE Records, voiced an album intro for dubstep producer Caspa, and still hosts a Monday night slot on Kiss FM, while constantly touring the globe without even a suggestion of fatigue.

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