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Dedekind Cut at Inter-Zone: NON vs N.A.A.F.I

55 minsFirst aired 30 Jul 2016Next On the Floor Today at 7:00pm EDT

Lee Bannon dives into murky, industrial-tinged territory under his Dedekind Cut moniker. Recorded live at the RBMA Festival NYC 2016.

Many artists are stylistically difficult to pin down, but Lee Bannon takes shapeshifting to another level entirely. Hailing from Sacramento but now firmly stationed in Brooklyn, his initial offerings found him bouncing between his own mutated jungle hybrids and state-of-the-art boom bap for MCs like Joey Bada$$. Linking up with the vaunted Ninja Tune label following some early releases for Plug Research, most people assumed Bannon would stick to the 160 BPM creations that filled his 2013 LP, Alternate/Endings, but as it turned out, he hasn’t even stuck to his own name. Diving into murky, industrial-tinged soundscapes and increasingly experimental territory, Bannon has adopted new monikers—including Dedekind Cut and the even more cryptic ¬ b—while dropping multiple album-length efforts on a variety of labels within the span of a few years. Exactly where he’s headed still isn’t clear, but there’s little doubt that he’s got plenty of energy to get there.

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