On the Floor

DJ Holographic at Movement

89 minsRecorded 28 May 2018 at Movement in Detroit
Trevor Dernai

The Motor City artist pushing music forward brings her well-oiled funk machine to the stage.

Like the birthplace of the Modern Electronic Dance movement itself, DJ Holographic (aka Ariel Catalina) had her origins in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up on her parents’ Soul II Soul and Chaka Khan records, she later immersed herself in electronic music and worked her way into the DJ booth. A resident at the gay after-hours Bak Dør – an underground party for “the misfits who don’t want to be classified,” she says – DJ Holographic has cultivated a growing, devoted fanbase with her distinctive voice and dedication to the craft. Constantly pulling in references from Detroit’s past and present musical riches, from soul and R&B to funk and techno, DJ Holographic plays myriad genres in a rapid-fire, free-flowing style.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Ryan Woodhall

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