On the Floor

Dorit Chrysler and Rob Schwimmer at Beyond the Clouds

53 minsRecorded 30 Apr 2017 at Bogart House in Brooklyn, NY
Stacy Kranitz

The heads of the NY Theremin Society display their instrument’s eerie and unique range at RBMA Festival NY’s ambient all-dayer.

Rob Schwimmer is a composer, vocalist and pianist who has become most established as a thereminist. As well as working with rock and pop artists as diverse as Simon and Garfunkel, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan and Laurie Anderson, among myriad others, Schwimmer was a founding member of the duo Polygraph Lounge alongside Mark Stewart, has been commissioned by cultural institutions such as New York’s The Museum of Modern Art, Carnegie Hall and The Metropolitan Museum for original musical scores, and has had his solo compositions featured on a wide range of theatrical performances, television series and films. Alongside fellow thereminist and seasoned multi-genre collaborator Dorit Chrysler, Schwimmer also heads up the NY Theremin Society - an educational collective for enthusiasts and the curious alike, which hosts concerts, workshops and runs its own experimental Theremin Orchestra.

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