On the Floor

El Remolón

51 minsRecorded 1 May 2014 at Niceto Club in Buenos AiresNext On the Floor Today at 1:30am EDT

ZZK’s tropical bass trailblazer El Remolón fires off a sweltering mix of cosmic cumbia. Straight outta Zizek Club in Buenos Aires.

El Remolón is the alter ego of Andrés Schteingart, a Buenos Aires resident and producer who operates in the hazy paradise of electronic club sonics and Latin American rhythms, firing cumbia and reggaeton into the near-future. Taking his influences from producing techno under the name Drole, his subsequent alias El Remolón (aka The Lazy One), sees him slowing the tempo down, but keeping the energy and intergalactic sound palette. As a forerunner of ‘minimal cumbia’, El Remolón borrows off-centre audio samples from exotic sources, channels them through a sub-tropical prism, as seen on his first full-length LP Pibe Cosmo. Since then he has hooked up with ZZK, leading to Andrés dropping his EP Pangeático, featuring several singers like Lido Pimienta, Boogat and Fantasma, and honing his cosmic cumbia sound with his recent album Selva. With guests like Dengue Dengue Dengue, Kumbia Queers, and Miss Bolivia, Selva is an evolution of both his sound and the Latin American digital scene as a whole. When the Lazy One demands you get on the dancefloor, you know it’s gonna be worth it.

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