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Elza Soares at The Town Hall

71 minsRecorded 19 May 2017 at The Town Hall in New York City, NYNext On the Floor Today at 7:00pm EST
Ysa Perez

Turning tragedies of youth into songs of passion and survival, the Brazilian samba singer celebrates life through music at RBMA Festival NY 2017.

Having endured a young life of poverty and suffering before breaking through to the wider Brazilian consciousness, Elza Soares’s husky voice, emotional storytelling and merging of samba, jazz and electronic styles have seen her be blacklisted by her native government in the ’70s to nominated for a Grammy Award and celebrated as one of the finest samba singers ever in the ’00s. At the Town Hall, Soares sings songs that tell the story of her incredible journey – of blackness and identity, sex and love, pain and healing.

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