On the Floor

Fire-Toolz at Red Bull Music Festival Chicago

47 minsRecorded 10 Nov 2018 in Chicago
Brian Willette

The genre-bending Chicago artist brings her hard-hitting sonic experimentation and twisted live electronics.

Recorded at the industrial-style venue Saffron Rails, this episode features an artist who is not simply pushing boundaries, but cutting, dragging, twisting, collaging, melting and mashing sonics into an entirely new species. According to her label Hausau Mountain, Fire-Toolz is a “consciousness that has taken the physical form of a transfemme non-binary human named Angel Marcloid.” This year she released her debut album, Skinless X-1, a perfect amalgamation of the most disparate of genres, running from spa music to black metal to jazz. She performs at the Drone Activity showcase celebrating experimental and dark crossover sounds at the Red Bull Music Festival in Chicago.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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