On the Floor

Heavy Baile at Bananada Festival

55 minsRecorded 12 May 2018 at Goiânia in Brasil
Mídia Ninja

Mixing electronic sounds with funk and traditional rhythms for an infectious Brazilian dance party.

For the last five years, the Rio de Janeiro-based Heavy Baile crew have thrown parties and spread a new fusion of funk and electronic music throughout Brazil. The result is a progressive movement of musical and cultural empowerment from the periphery, led by Leo Justi and accompanied by MC Tchelinh and DJ Thai, plus a dance team formed by Sabrina Ginga, Ronald Sheick and Neguebites. It’s all about broadcasting new approaches to a wider audience, exploring aesthetics previously associated with and restricted to urban suburbs and ghettos.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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