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Hiele x Milan W at Red Bull Music Festival Zurich

373 minsRecorded 10 Nov 2018 in Zurich, SwitzerlandNext On the Floor Tomorrow at 3:00am EDT
Alan Sahin

Two Antwerp-based RBMA alums captured in the mix at the Academy’s 20th-anniversary party.

After joining the 2015 Academy in Paris as a participant, Belgian producer Hiele has been working on new sounds and projects, including his Antwerp-based label Ekster, live performances and the release of his album, Ritmische Bezinning. He also produced film soundtracks: One for a documentary about the island of Saint Helena, entitled Saints, and another for a film called Birdwatching, which documents young people from different ethnic backgrounds in Brussels. A true hometown hero, Hiele and his girlfriend opened up a new venue/snackbar/nightclub by the name of Table Dance in 2018. Meanwhile, fellow Antwerp-based producer Milan W. makes music in the tradition of artists like Autechre and Aphex Twin, skirting the edges of dance music while never allowing his listeners to get totally comfortable. His work can veer toward ambient – most of his 2016 release, Intact, would be perfectly lovely to fall asleep to. His productions are woven through with trills of dissonance, and the soft beats sometimes do make you want to move. In this episode, Milan W. and Hiele share the decks at RBMA’s 20-year anniversary celebrations at the Red Bull Festival in Zurich.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Oswaldo Terrones

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