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Honcho at Trade Show

90 minsRecorded 13 May 2017 in Brooklyn, NYNext On the Floor Today at 7:30am EST
Stacy Kranitz

The founder-residents of the beloved Pittsburgh gay bathhouse dance party make techno-hungry bodies go wild at RBMA Festival NY 2017.

American dance music’s gay underground is a scene without a center: led by DJs and promoters who are part of a national network as much as their local scenes, and pursue transcendent experiences in future-facing electronic music; putting house, techno and disco at the emotional center of their parties. Started in 2012, Honcho is a monthly gay party held in a roughly 200-person capacity club space, downstairs from a members-only gay bathhouse called Club Pittsburgh. Going strong until 8 AM on a Sunday (and bucking the trend of the city’s 2 AM closing time), Honcho has gained a reputation in the contemporary US gay clubbing scene for bringing hot sex and tough techno to a city that was long bereft of quality dance music.

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