On the Floor

Juana Molina at Teatro San Ginés

84 minsRecorded 12 Aug 2017 at Teatro San Ginés in Santiago, Chile
Gary Go

Songs to smile to: The alt-rock comedienne performs a selection of her cult tracks and experiments. Recorded live in Santiago.

Juana Molina might be known across Latin America for her hit comedy sketch show Juana Y Sus Hermanas from the late ’80s, but it’s her uniquely deconstructive take on folk and pop that she has dedicated her life to. Taught the guitar by her renowned tango-playing father, Horacio Molina, Juana Molina explored the combination of comedy and music for several years, and even released a collection of parodies and chansons under the rubric of her sketch show. But in 1996 she decided to pursue music full time, releasing her debut album, Rara, that year, and then Segundo in 2000. Marked as an international oddity, but picked up by Domino and Belgian stalwart label Crammed Discs, Molina creates a layered mix of electronics with alternative rock that’s laced with tango grooves, unexpected chord changes and surprising arrangements. Not in a hurry to release albums until they’re ready, and with five albums to date and a cult following of fans, Molina’s story is one of global connections, experimental sounds and an ever-shifting relationship between the underground and the mainstream.

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