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Juju & Jordash at The Bunker x Dekmantel

62 minsFirst aired 30 Aug 2016
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A heady session of improvised dancefloor grooves, recorded live at Good Room during The Bunker x Dekmantel event at RBMA Festival NY.

Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski first found each other during the mid ’90s in Haifa, Israel, where both were tooling around the city’s jazz scene. Eventually gravitating toward the electronic realm, the duo relocated to the Netherlands but maintained an improvisational approach in the studio, engaging in lengthy jam sessions and creating their own unique brand of house and techno in the process. Although the pair’s first record as Juju & Jordash surfaced in 2004, there’s no question that an early affiliation with the Dekmantel crew—the duo actually authored the label’s debut release in 2009—provided a major boost. Since then, albums like Juju & Jordash (2009), Techno Primitivism (2012) and Clean-Cut (2014) have garnered widespread acclaim, as did the duo’s efforts to engage with Judaism and the history of Israel on Golf Channel releases Jewsex and Unleash the Golem. Still, it’s the live arena where Juju & Jordash continue to truly distinguish themselves, as the duo’s completely improvised, gear-intensive live shows have improbably become a staple of the festival circuit. Similarly intriguing is the group’s collaboration with Move D as Magic Mountain High, whose records and live performances take things even deeper.

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