On The Floor

Lexx & Kalabrese

120 minsRecorded 1 Nov 2013 at Zukuft in ZurichNext On The Floor Tomorrow at 8:15am EDT

Switzerlands’s cosmic disco don Lexx and enfant terrible Kalabrese go back to back for a special all-nighter. Live at Zukunft in Zurich.

Swiss-born Alex Storrer aka Lexx has been into music since a child, but it got real serious when he got into hip hop and bought an SP1200. His fascination with breaks and the sleeve notes of records lead to him learning the production ropes, but it was his desire to share the great records he found that took him from the studio to the nightclub. Lexx’s relaxed and sun-drenched productions have seen releases on Bear Funk and Permanent Vacation, and his commitment to the emotional side of the dancefloor has seen him be a hit at clubs wide and far. Check his Originals compilation for Claremont 56 for a proper slice of Lexx’s down-to-earth charm and cosmic disposition. Zurich-based musician Kalabrese is a unique proposition, a producer who mixes classic song-based compositions with electronic dance tracks to achieve an individual sound. It’s dance music, but flavoured with blues, funk, and african-influenced cross-rhythms. With his early releases on Perlon, Stattmusik and Kompakt, he’s already certified as an electronic musician capable of rocking the club, but his follow-up LP Independent Dancer on Compost and releases on his own Rumpelmusig show him to be exploring his own quirky danceable world even further.

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