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A Made Up Sound at Casa das Caldeiras

128 minsRecorded 5 Jun 2017 at Casa das Caldeiras during RBMA Festival in São Paulo, BrazilNext On the Floor Today at 7:00pm EST
Fabio Piva

The Hague producer flips his 4x4 inversions in the Southern Hemisphere. Recorded live during the RBMA Festival in São Paulo.

It might have taken people a while to catch up with Dave Huismans and his many monikers, but we caught the fluent producer breaking down decades of house and techno patterns and reassembling them like an X-Man. As 2562, his releases for Tectonic, 3024, and his own imprint When In Doubt have turned bass bins upside down with their filtered chords, rude bass and crunchy textures. Meanwhile, his releases as A Made Up Sound have dropped on a variety of labels like Delsin, 50Weapons, Trilogy Tapes and Clone’s Basement Series, warping everyone’s conception of house, techno and dub with his loose-limbed take on classic templates. He successfully crushes familiar soundscapes and bends regular rhythmic formulas into strange new shapes.

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