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Magic Touch

60 minsRecorded 1 Apr 2013 at six d.o.g.s. in AthensNext On The Floor Tomorrow at 8:15am EDT

The Magic Touch! One of 100% Silk’s mainstays with an epic two-hour DJ set captured live at six d.o.g.s. in Athens.

Damon Palermo’s got the Magic Touch. Recording under this alias since 2011, he is one of 100% Silk’s mainstays. Mixing the psychedelic breeze of San Francisco with Los Angeles’ sunny effortlessly while checking the boxes of Chicago house and NYC’s vintage club music culture, Magic Touch’s tracks can be considered to be amongst the most interesting, high-flying and matured explorations in a dance music scenery that draws heavily from an indie/punk DIY-approach, collage concepts and a lo-fi ethos. Club house, punk rock dance and Balearic blues made with love and knowledge.

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