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Maqueta at Red Bull Music Festival Berlin

36 minsRecorded 10 Sep 2018 at Berlin in GermanyNext On the Floor Today at 7:45pm EDT
Ériver Hijano

The Argentinian artist and sound engineer performs as part of the RBMA 2018 participant showcase, RBMF pres. A /V // AMB – listen back.

Ariel Schlichter most often releases music under the name Maqueta. When he’s not producing local Buenos Aires bands in his home studio, Schlichter makes his own woozy, seductive electro-pop. His songs feature hints of tropicalia and ’80s synth-pop, all overlaid with plenty of reverb; his passionate vocals lend these slick productions melodrama and expansiveness. In this episode, he performs alongside a group of fellow RBMA 2018 participants from the realm of ambient and experimental music.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Jan Brauer

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