On the Floor

Marco Passarani at Elevate Festival

120 minsRecorded 3 Mar 2018 at Dom Im Berg, in Graz, Austria
David Visnjic

Rome’s techno master steps into the Dom Im Berg and delivers a set of disco, house and acid-tinged electronics with an Italo lean.

It all began in the early ’90s when Marco was involved in the Roman techno scene and started to contribute to techno raves both as a DJ and live performer. His very first productions came out in late 1993 on Detroit-based label Generator, and he’s since released on labels such as Skam, Clone, Hyman and Running Back. He also runs several highly regarded labels, including Nature, Plasmek and Pigna (home to Jolly Music, Raiders of the Lost ARP and Mat 101). His original influences lie heavily in UR and early Detroit sounds, but have grown to include electro, hip-hop, industrial and funk. In this session, Passarani spins classic techno into twisted Italo-disco, electro, house and funked-up electronix, all in a fluid and contained groove.

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